Creativity Club: Table of Contents

Everything you need to know to start your own successful creativity club.  Take a look!

Chapter Five:  Pot Luckier Fun

Food Creates Community

What We Never Serve

 Chapter Six:  Developmental Phases of a Group

What to Expect as Your Group Matures

Our Experience

 Chapter Seven:  Protecting Group Boundaries

12 Sure-fire Ways to Sabotage your Club

The Kisses of Death for Any Group

Chapter Eight:  The Ripple Effect

How Living with More Enthusiasm can Change Your World
Responding to Outside Interest and Enthusiasm

 Chapter Nine:  Jumpstarting a More Creative Life

 Dare to Dabble, Dabble to Dare

Questions to Get You Jumpstarted

Rehearsing What you Truly Desire

Note to Self

The Beginning

Appendix A:  Resource Checklist to Get You Going

 Appendix B:  Sample Acts of Creative Living

 Appendix C: Prompts for Inspiration

Appendix D: What Affirmation Sounds Like

 Appendix E:  Pot-Luckier Possibilities

 Appendix F:  Creativity Quotes Too Good to Pass By

 The Original Juicy People Creativity & Camaraderie Club

About the Author

Table of Contents:


By Dale Schwarz, M. Ed., ATR, LMHC   Center for Creative Consciousness

Chapter One:  A Simple Idea, A Big Effect

What started it all

Will Anyone Really Want to Do This With Me?

RSVP….Yes, Please!

The Hunger for Meaningful Community

Ten Benefits of Participating in a Creativity & Camaraderie Club
What Happens at a Creativity Club Meeting

Better than a Book Club?  Ten Reasons Why

But is this Selfish?

Chapter Two: A Flexible & Generous Definition of “Creativity” 

The 6 Major Arenas for Wholehearted Living
Favor Process over “Product”

The Creative Cycle, Welcome it All!

 Chapter Three:  Gather Your Allies

Where to Find Likely Candidates

Who to Invite, Who to Avoid

The Invitation

Are You a Good Candidate?

Chapter Four:  The Structure that Holds it All Together

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

Group Ground Rules
How to be a Compassionate Witness

Checklist for the Host’s Responsibilities
The Time Keeper’s job

7 Guiding Qualities of a Successful Group


                     If not now, When???

                     If not now, When???