Dream Interpretation: Four Best Practices + Bonus

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Dream Interpretation: Four Best Practices + Bonus


Benefit from my 20+ years as a psychotherapist and Dream Interviewing Diplomate.

  • Save time and money. Jump start your dreamwork practice.

  • It IS possible to learn how to do responsible and accurate dream interpretation!

  • a great resource for dream practitioners leading groups or for individuals desiring to access the tailor-made wisdom of nightly dreams.

Learn to listen accurately to the nightly whispering of your soul.

My best client handout pdfs condense years of research, reading, study and experience into Four Best Practices to keep in mind.

  1. Working Assumptions for Dreamwork

  2. How to Incubate a Dream

  3. Six Magic Questions For Dreamwork

  4. Dream Discernment: responsible reality check!

Plus my popular bonus handout checklist:

  • How Have You Been Using Your Imagination Lately?

Order Now! Dreamwork is fascinating, fun and transformative!

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