What others are saying about the The Creativity & Camaraderie Club experience:

I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to expand their creative horizons —After reading it and then becoming a member of a Creativity & Camaraderie Club I found that I am a lot more “creative”, “fun” and “talented” than I ever realized !!!–This book is well written and easy to read : yet it has an intellectually challenging side inextricably intertwined within it— I guarantee you won’t put it down once you turn the first page. …..It’s unique concepts and content help you uncover the true meaning of the word “creative-ness” — and the vast potential that you’ve got hidden away in yourself and have yet to discover . I have truly grown and expanded my horizons after reading this book and applying it’s ideas in my life. It has succeeded in getting me to look forward to each and every day in exciting anticipation……great book.  -Judy M.

Knowing that there is a monthly creativity club meeting of appreciative and supportive friends, I am more motivated to complete projects that would otherwise just reside in my head. That’s big… I appreciate the other creative “projects” or bits of art that I produce more now, knowing that the group will embrace what I bring, no matter how unusual. The blow-ups of my doodles fall into that category. It’s like having a show scheduled monthly – I get ready for the show, I make sure I have paintings for the “gallery.”   -Vige

 If you have ever wanted to satisfy your urge to learn to do something new, read this book… As a librarian I think every library needs to get a copy of this book. And any library can host a Creativity & Camaraderie club as a gift to their community. Ann S.

Just got my copy in mail … started reading it and like it already! useful advice, talking from experience, love the idea! great book, one of those “good-to-have-handy” ones   Emilia, Goodreads review

I  know that without this creativity club group  I never would have participated in the fiber felting group  that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE now, because I never would have known that the class existed.  That means that I would not have made my first felted scarf.  btw, I’m headed back to do more felting on Sunday!!!!  -Barb

I LOVE the idea of women gathering together to nurture their creativity!  This offers a double dose of benefits, community and camaraderie AND support for creativity, both so essential for our wellbeing.  Too often we ignore our creative stirrings. I hope lots of women are inspired by this terrific idea for a club!   – Marla Paul,Author:  The Friendship Crisis

The whole time I was reading this Handbook I kept thinking: OMG I want to be in this group! I also kept thinking that I am not very creative and wouldn’t have anything to share…then I had a dream that I was painting! Let me mention here that I’ve never painted anything other than walls & woodwork in my entire life. The handbook inspired me to buy a canvas and brushes and oil paints and off I went! It was liberating! It was so relaxing and fun and … creative, who knew?  Anyways, getting back to the Handbook. It is a very useful guide for anyone who wanted to start and maintain any kind of organized group. The Handbook was easy to follow and included checklists, websites and appendixes that are not only very helpful but inspiring as well.  Debra B.

…I look forward to doing something that involves fun, friends, and not a bar scene.  Jenna, Goodreads review

The book addresses a real and urgent need that women have — and offers a genuine (and fun!) solution. It is well organized and offers a simple framework that anyone can follow to bring more creativity into daily life.  -RB

After being exposed to the expanded definition of creativity my creativity club supported, I now view my entire day through the lens of  “what am I creating here”?

  • I no longer “clean”, I create order.
  • I no longer “do lesson plans”, I create learning opportunities for kids.
  • I no longer “pay bills”, I create financial security for my future.
  • I no longer “go clothes shopping”, I create a fun new wardrobe.
  • I no longer “workout”, I create opportunities for health and wellness.              -NZ

I write poems to read at my club meeting.  The poems speak to me and I listen.  Without the deadline of the club meeting,  I dont think I’d hear them-or perhaps I wouldnt listen.  – Tracey

I’m a dude – and I dig this. I wish these ladies would invite me to their meetings.

My life is in flux right now because my family is moving, but your book has given me a great idea for meeting like-minded creatives once I am settled into my new home. I will definitely be looking into starting a creativity club when I am settled!   Karen

Quite simply, I really enjoyed reading this book. I feel it clearly communicates all of the necessary information for one to pick up and start a successful creativity (or any) club, it puts the reader in touch with their longing for an experience of camararaderie-, addresses any resistance or self-doubt on the part of the reader and entertains all along the way. While providing all of the instructional and technical information expected and necessary of any ‘handbook’ the book flows like a story. MP

I would say the one “creation” that I am most proud of is teaching the next generation the importance of living creatively…all of the activities, as a teacher, as aunt, or as a friend, that have been inspired by my  Creativity & Camaraderie Club, have been one form of exhilarating or another!  -Nancy

Thanksgiving Blog Post:   Second Wednesday  by one of the charter members of the original Juicy People Creativity & Camaraderie Club

Mary Mathews generously shares her down-to-earth wisdom in this practical and inspirational guide …do yourself a favor.  Read this book. Then start your own Creativity & Camaraderie Club.  You’ll be serving yourself and others.  Your life will be rewarded in countless ways.  How could you resist bringing more joy and fun into your life?  Dale Schwarz, M. Ed., ATR, LMHC,  Center for Creative Consciousness

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