The Creativity & Camaraderie Club Handbook  is a detailed “how –to” manual that covers everything you’ll need to know to successfully create your own Creativity Club. 

So much better than a book club. Why?

  • It’s more fun!

  • It invites and encourages hands-on creative engagement in your own life, rather than simply responding to the creative efforts of others. You’ll be amazed at what you and others do.

  • The clear guidelines contained in the book will help you create a safely structured, respectful group process.  Your life will be enriched by following them. You will grow, make new friends, and surprise yourself!

  • When you form your own Creativity Club you will be helping to meet a deep hunger for community that is harder and harder to find in today’s fragmented, busy cyber-world.

  • Psychological research shows that women naturally thrive when they have a regular circle of other women to meet with.  Do you have one?
  • The book was written by a psychotherapist with 20+ years of experience creating successful encouragement groups.  Mary Reilly Mathews, LCSWR has a well-trained passion for the healing power of the creative imagination and supportive community. Her own Creativity Club has given her joy and friendship for years.